"Study Corner"

Creating an online environment for students to study together amongst their peers, free of social media distractions.

The end goal for this design is to allow students who struggle to study without the company of their peers, find and connect with other like-minded students. Those who may have limited choices of environments to work at can find themselves distracted from their work, and a solution to this issue would be studying with another student with the same problem.

Though, there are other social media applications and software that may allow students to connect and study together. This design aims to assist students to focus on their work and eliminate distractions that may come from having a group-based environment.

A concerning factor to productivity is unexpected distractions in unfamiliar environments. Whilst working individually, these distractions have a greater impact than if someone were to work within a similarly motivated group of peers. When in a group, distractions can be overcome through the help of other’s discipline.