White Label

“White Label” is a monthly care package subscription.

Introducing its subscribers to new products each month, helping them maintain personal hygiene, well-being and looks. White Label is an all-around product delivery brand. By collaborating with a wide variety of startup and veteran self-care businesses, White Label ensures the product delivered is of high-quality.

The goal of White Label is to be a flexible brand that appeals to young adults looking to improve their self-care routines. White Label will be pushing new products sponsored or provided through collaborations by other producers/manufacturers. This way, customers are always ahead of the trend and are able discover new products that works well with their lifestyle.

The target audience is centered around those in their 20s upwards of their early 30s. These monthly delivered packages are aimed at individuals and couples sharing a living space together. Being at a relatively young age moving forward in their adulthood, some may need assistance setting a proper self-care routine. Which some rely on buying and testing the appropriate products that works for their bodies and environment, before committing to specific brands.

White Label is a blank canvas open to changes. This works as the service is an ever-changing subscription to new products. Every month is different from before as the items change within the subscription based on who is collaborating with White Label at the time. These collaboration self-care brands can dictate the look of a White Label package if they deem it necessary.
On its own, White Label has a simple style with gray backgrounds and white labels as indicators.